Demonstration - Silk Reeling and Spinning

Terri demonstrates how silk fiber is processed into thread for textile use. She covers the steps in this process, from soaking silkworm cocoons in water to reeling and twisting the filaments into different types of thread. 

Each cocoon is made up of one fiber that is only about 2 to 3 denier (four and a half million yards per pound). The trick is finding it – and Terri can do it with ease. The Eastern States Exposition’s Creative Arts Coordinator, Jane Chapman, said it is an absolute treat to see her at work. “I was floored the first time I saw her working in the New England Center.”

Terri always has a variety of different types, species and preparations of silk available for viewing (and touching, of course!!).

Rates and Scheduling

Please contact Terri to discuss rates and scheduling of demonstrations.