Terri is an excellent fiber artist, teacher and demonstrator. At our annual farm event, besides hand-on teaching, she also demonstrates her multiple talents including drop spindling, fiber prep, carding batts and rolags, hand carding & blending, and wheel spinning. We highly recommend Terri!
— Alisa M.; Burgis Brook Alpacas, Canterbury, CT
I have been spinning on a wheel for almost 30 years and no matter how many times I tried I just could not master a drop spindle. I had taken other classes, watched YouTube, and enlisted friends’ advice but still could not seem to ‘get it.’ After just 10 minutes with your gentle guidance of “Park & Draft” I was spinning on a drop spindle!!! Who knew I could spin yarn on a $2 spindle made from a wooden wheel & dowel? You had me convinced I can spin yarn with a rock!!
— Lynn S. - MA
I found the non-technical approach appealed to me most because it just made sense for how I like to spin.
[Spinning for Lace]
— Angela M. - NY
Loved your blending board class...I’m encouraged that I can do this....and have fun too!
[Blending Board Techniques]
— Stephanie F. - NH
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the spinning class today. You reinforced the things I already knew and encouraged me to move forward. I appreciate the time you took with each one of us to ensure success.
— Kim S. - CT
“A very good overall introduction.”
— Mark, CT
“Excellent presenter – class very worthwhile.”
— Pam - NH
... Terri is the ultimate at preparation for her classes.
... What I thought would be a simple class turned out to be quite technical si I was really glad to have expert tips. Thank you Terri for a great class!
[Blending Board Techniques]
— Wendy B. - NH
“... it is an absolute treat to see her at work. I was floored the first time I saw her working in the New England Center.”
[Silk Reeling Demonstration]
— Jane Chapman; Eastern States Exposition's Creative Arts Coordinator
This was excellent! You were very well prepared & the materials handed out were excellent & well explained!
[Blending Board Techniques]
— Sally B. - MA
Absolutely love Terri’s teaching style. Her reliance [emphasis] on making yarn you like - not all the technical is so much more relaxing + non-threatening.
[Spinning for Lace]
— Carol P - NY

This was so much fun and very informative.
[Color Blending]
— Aimee G. - CT
... Terri is fun and patient so I really enjoyed the class.
... Terri’s approach of teaching us how to spin with whatever equipment we have was so empowering.
... Terri’s class helped confirm things I already knew, gave me tips on how to improve my spinning, and was simply an enjoyable day spinning with fun stories.
[Spinning for Lace]
— Angela M. - NY
Terri adjusted the class to answer our questions.
— Susan B. - MA