Spinning Magic Yarn from My Spider’s Web

At Halloween, I get to be a little bit mischievous with my spinning!

The campground where we have our seasonal site has a Halloween celebration on Columbus Day weekend.  There is a haunted woods, pumpkin decorating, DJs and dancing, costume and site decorating contests, and, of course, Trick or Treating for the kids!

For the past two years, our Living History group has been taking part in a Halloween weekend event that is put on by the Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine.  In addition to the various vignettes performed by our group’s members, there is face painting, pumpkin decorating, spooky stories, games, and bat craft activities.

So, what’s a spinner to do at times like these?  Well, spin Magic Yarn, of course!  We set up a fake spider web (the kind that is in every store at Halloween).  Next, we put a lazy kate with three bobbins of reeled silk behind the web and poke the silk through three different places in the web.  Finally, I don my witch’s hat and begin spinning my Magic Yarn (throwing the reeled silk)!

You should see the kid’s (and their parents’) faces as I tell them “I’m spinning Magic Yarn from my spider’s web!”  Even though the bobbins are clearly visible behind the web, no one ever sees them!  And as the silk is coming through the web, it makes the web vibrate which only enhances the illusion that I’m spinning the spider web.

What’s your spinning mischief?